Our story starts with building a business that we didn't know we were building.  When we started Buckeye Charm in 2016 I was working as a hospice nurse.  My Mom had just went through her second battle with breast cancer.  I knew that I needed to do something to help her, and thought that meant finding an easier way to help her make her coffee sleeves that she was selling to local coffee shops to help with her medical bills.  As we gradually went from making coffee sleeves to printing t-shirts, I had the idea to add our Buckeye Charm flannels to the mix.  Flannels and Country Music were a staple in our family growing up in the country!  So, I thought why not combine them and we ended up with one of our signature items!  My Mom now has a new job sewing all the panels on the back of our flannels!  Y'all keep her busy, and she couldn't be happier!  In 2019 the opportunity arose for us to move to Waynesville, and to purchase the old St. Augustine Catholic Church in town for our brick and mortar shop.  That's where the adventure really began!  It led to us being featured on a show on the Travel Channel.  We have transformed the space into a one of a kind, fun, colorful, and inviting shop.  We have a vintage truck sitting right in the middle of the shop that we brought in first, and let it be our inspiration for decorating the rest of the shop.  We will continue to make our shop one that our customers want to visit again and again!